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   La Gazette of the Hotel Drouot  


It is not accidentally if the gigantic bronze disk which welcomes here the visitor carries the name of "Duality". This only word summarizes the temperament of one of the most talented sculptors of his generation, torn between classical author and baroque, sex and soul, life and death, grotesque and sublime, good and evil or balance and fall.

It is exactly this tear which fascinates. His deformed dwarfs, tiny or enormous, thick-backed as mastiffs, with precarious stability, always inspired me a warm and brotherly feeling in their desire of ascent: they are going to fall but they stand.

The artist fully finds serenity and balance only in his Jewish mystic as in this magnificent and majestic tabernacle (The Song of Songs) or this seven twigs Candlestick which becomes acutely integrated into the Star of David by a series of bronze links which symbolizes all the people’s solidarity.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Marc HERISSE


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